There are a ton of people who have been instrumental in monitoring the colony, taking amazing photos, putting up flashing around the trees to keep out raccoons, putting up a fence, rescuing downed heron chicks, and writing the heron management report.

Besides Rob Butler, Ross Vennesland, and Robyn Worcester, I’d like to thank more people for their support:

Peter Hendriks for being just plain invaluable and tireless helping me with equipment and wildlife sightings.  Vancouver Community College for allotting me the time to work on the project.  All of my wonderful funders.  Everyone who has watched the video and made helpful suggestions.  Sam McKinnon for the music.

From the Stanley Park heronry management report in 2006:

Mike Mackintosh, Ziggy Jones, Robert Boelens, John Gray, and Dalyce Epp were responsible for organization, planning, coordination, and writing of [the SP heronry management report].

Dalyce Epp was responsible for technical production and preparation of the report.
The authors wish to thank the following for their advice or contributions:
David Mark, Wayne Weber, Robert Butler, Ross Vennesland, John Elliott, James Harrison, Dawn Hanna, Jude Grass, Maria Morlin, Eileen Kuettel, and Jack Evans.

Special thanks are due to the organizers of the Vancouver Sun Run. [The sun run was rerouted from directly under the colony to another route]