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This production is an upbeat, gripping and information-rich nature documentary of the Great Blue Heron, one of the largest herons in the world. It includes the beautiful plumage, breeding behaviour, trials and tribulations of this extraordinary bird, including its tumultuous relationship with a predator: the bald eagle. Using expert interviews, humour, endearing and at times startling scenes, the film will incite a deep appreciation for these birds, and the need for their conservation. The film includes beautiful shots of the herons’ environment: the city of Vancouver, its beaches, and Stanley Park, one of the largest urban parks in the world.


“Flying dinosaurs in the city is a gorgeous documentary – terrific footage, informational narration, and unique shots of eagles.  I would highly recommend it.”

“Watch the documentary, it’s a Vancouver gem.”

“Eagles eating herons – who would’ve thought?  It’s all part of the food chain, and the narrator, Maria Morlin, explains the predator-prey relationship.”